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We are leading the industry with cutting edge innovative Attachments  for excavation equipment! Our excavator attachments change the game from jobs as small as backyard ditching to a project that would level the entire state of Louisiana! Our products save you time and money, while also making it more safe on the job. 

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Viking Attachments LLC was founded in 2016 by Jim Duhon with the goal of providing quality excavator equipment attachments and services at affordable prices, as well as offering superior value to all its customers. After more than 30 years in the Construction Industry, he found a huge opportunity to bring innovative tools for your excavators and heavy equipment that will revolutionize the construction industry forever.

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As a premier provider of excavator attachments we want to work with you to fully communicate the value we know our products will bring you. Because of our founder's long history in the industry we cut the crap and give you what you need to solve your toughest roadblocks. 

What we offer is going to change our industry for the better for all of us. Give us a call at 985.745.6200 to learn more today!