About Us


Viking Attachments LLC was founded in 2016 by Jim Duhon with the goal of providing quality excavator equipment and services at affordable prices, as well as offering superior value to all its customers. We want to provide you with superior cutting edge excavator attachments and equipment services. We are a licensed distributor of Viking Equipment (SMP), OilQuick, and VTN attachments for all things construction! We are also members of the American Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC) and are here to help your business grow, save money, and improve safety on the job!
SMP Tiltrotators are sold throughout the world, supported by a diversified network of distributors. The company’s products are available through e-commerce and independent dealers, who can provide additional application sales and technical service. We are your go-to provider to get your hands on this incredible product to move your business to the next level with our excavator attachments!
We provide technical, warehousing, sales & marketing assistance to all of our customers. SMP Parts is an ISO 9001 manufacturer with research and development based in Sweden. The company meets or exceeds most international manufacturing standards and regulations. We can talk to you for days about the benefits we can bring you with our SMP partners, we know how to help you improve the efficiency of what you already do best! Viking Equipment Inc products which are manufactured by SMP Parts are used by a large variety of customers daily. You will see Viking Equipment products in the general construction, railway maintenance, infrastructure projects and the mining industry to mention just a few. Customers rely on Viking Attachments to provide them with consistent and accurate results through our excavator attachments.

Mission & Vision Statement:

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality equipment to the highest quality people at prices that are accessible to all our clients. With Viking Attachments Excavator Attachments, you can do so much more than you are already doing just by having the right tools! After spending more than 30 years in the construction industry this knowledge kept eating away at Jim until eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and had to act on what he – and likely what you also know – to be true. There is a better way! We know that our type of people and your type of people often operate by the principle “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” But it is broken! Just because it still runs doesn’t mean you can’t improve your machines with better excavator attachments! We know how much more you can get done every day if you just had the right tools and we’ve got them for you.
Our mission and vision are aligned because our vision is to serve the people that are doing the leg work that makes our great country what it is! Our vision is to be the highest rated and most reviewed provider of excavator attachments in the country. Not because we want to be the biggest example of vanity to our kids. This is our vision because we want to provide so many of our clients with the great experience that can revolutionize their work. What you do for your work is what you spend almost all of your time doing!

Our Values:


We believe that a company that operates without integrity should never have been a company in the first place. Even as a company providing excavator attachments, integrity is at the core of what we do. While many companies blab on and on about the importance of integrity, we actually mean it. We don’t shower you with a bunch of B.S. to make a sale, we actually explain what we mean by it. Integrity is doing what you say you will do whether or not anyone is behind you holding you accountable. Whenever you work with us, you can be sure that we are never trying to pull the wool over your eyes. We deal with all of our clients upfront and directly. If ever you feel like we are not living up to this standard when working with us, please call us out because we want to do better!



Honesty is not the same thing as integrity, but without honesty integrity may not mean much at all. Some people can be really slick in how they run their business and cut corners by loopholes in their wording. When you get your excavator attachments from us, you will never need to keep watch to protect yourself from under the table type moves. With our reviews on Google, you can easily verify the things we say are the things we do from our trusted and loyal clients who know the honesty we are talking about here. We know you have likely experienced working with a contractor who was clearly not being upfront and honest with you, we lived it too and still hear it all the time. If you are looking for a company who will treat you with honesty and truth, call us today.


Highest Quality

The standard of being the highest quality applies to both our people and our product! We provide excavator attachments, yes, but not just any old thing that fits. We want to give you the tools that actually make a difference and because our company was formed out of working in the industry for decades, we know what actually works. We don’t just give you a shiny new object that is actually useless in the field. We give you the stuff that has the strength and durability of a viking, a people who were known for their fearlessness in the face of death. We hold ourselves to a high standard and never bring somebody on to our team that doesn’t also meet that standard. If we do, it is by accident and they don’t stay very long unless they are the kind of person that wants to improve themselves.

About Jim:

Jim spent more than 30 years in the construction industry himself as the man on the ground and working his way up through the ranks. Throughout this experience he was always looking for ways to do his work every single day better, quicker, and safer. “There has to be a way to make this job go faster…”, “There has got to be an attachment that can do … better…” Time and time again there were such clear opportunities for improvement that it seemed like there must be something out there already, surely someone else has had these thoughts too! Is anyone else seeing what I’m seeing? Eventually it boiled over and he knew he had to start this company to provide people with the tools, the excavator attachments, the insight to do the job better. This is Jim’s passion, call us today so that we can share that with you!