Pulverisers & Crushers

Keen Attachments supply demolition crushers to demolish armed concrete structures, reducing noise and vibrations. Our range of crushers have a wide range of weights from 100kg to 2100kg.

Highly reliable, and considered amongst the most reliable on the market, they are entirely manufactured with hardened steel (to resist against abrasion), hydraulic cylinders with hardened stem and most benefit from a 360° rotation.

Keen Attachments range for mini-excavators caters from 2.5 to 6 tonne, and have a solenoid valve which allows use of both of the functions of the crushers (demolition and rotation) using a single hydraulic line.

Several models benefit from an accelerator valve that allows you to increase the closing speed of the crusher and reducing the time needed to do the job. All of the models with hydraulic rotation have a valve regulating the speed of rotation which is easy to set considering the needs of the user.