Maximize the potential of your excavator with tools and excavator attachments from Viking Attachments. With the right equipment your machine becomes safer to use, more efficient and more flexible to work with. Viking Attachments is a licensed distributor of Viking Equipment, OilQuick, and VTN.


Viking Equipment supplies the highest quality Swedish steel products to the American Market. Manufactured by SMP Parts, these products and excavator attachments are used by a large variety of customers daily, such as general construction, demolition, railway maintenance, infrastructure projects and the mining industry to mention just a few. One of our most exciting products from SMP is their incredible Tiltrotator.

So, what is a tiltrotator? Well, a tiltrotator allows an attachment to rotate 360 degrees and tilt an attachment left and right plus-minus 45 degrees, increasing the mobility of the excavator, enabling the possibility to work in all directions, with different angles. This gives excavator operators the ability to perform a variety of tasks without repositioning the excavator!

Since tiltrotators eliminate the need to constantly reposition the excavator to exchange excavator attachments, this increases not only productivity and fuel efficiency, but also safety on the jobsite. A tilt-rotator expands the type of work that an excavator contractor can perform that would otherwise require multiple machines. Great for precision digging, grading, leveling and finishing, and more!

Tiltrotators such as the Viking wrist, improve flexibility and make your machine more effective. They can be used with machines as small as 3 tons up to 30 tons. These excavator attachments are also adaptable to most excavator brands!

Did you know? On average, tiltrotators are 20-35% more productive and 35-45% more efficient than using a standard coupler. You will save on time and labor costs as well, so it does not take long for it to pay for itself!
Viking Equipment offers quick couplers, a large variety of buckets, grip module, compaction plate, grabs, grapples, shears, crushers and much more!


Imagine changing attachments without any help and without ever getting out of the cab…. Well you do not have to imagine anymore!

OilQuick’s automatic quick coupler allows the operator to change hydraulic attachments in less than 10 seconds without help or getting out of the cab!

The OilQuick frame enables a precision fit with minimum wear and a long service life. Made with high quality durable steel, the frame can be adjusted to fit most excavators in any weight class. The hose couplings are connected automatically, and the attachment securely locks in place with only one cylinder movement enabling you to change hydraulic tools in seconds. You will always have the right tools and excavator attachments at the right time for any job.
That is going to save a pretty penny on time, labor, and materials! Not to mention, that means a much safer work environment for your employees! Don’t forget, a safer workplace will enhance overall job performance, while also improving the quality of life of your employees and company.

OilQuick’s automatic quick coupler is a safe coupler system (regarded as the safest on the market!) that is fast and efficient, more cost effective, and is also eco-friendly.

OilQuick systems for cranes and material handlers, forklifts, wheel loaders, excavator attachments and tiltrotators are also available, with OQ lock support to ensure the safest tool change.

OilQuick has everything you need for any machine, any attachment, anytime to increase your productivity, efficiency and safety while reducing your overall cost, time, and labor.

Automatic quick coupler, OilQuick systems for cranes and material handlers, forklifts, wheel loaders, excavators, tiltrotators, OQ lock support, AND MORE!

• Detailed brochures on their various innovative products are available! Let us know!


VTN specializes in all your demolition, recycling, forestry, and handling needs, offering a large range of buckets, grabs, shears, and more excavator attachments (like multi utility hydraulic tools with interchangeable jaws!)

In their own words, “the word completeness does not sound out of place, nor denotes unjustified presumption: The areas of demolition, handling, quarry and mine, recycling, earth moving are all sectors in which the undisputed quality of VTN products continue to be appreciated.”

The construction, workmanship, and product development of these excavator attachments are entirely Italian. Furthermore, solidity, resistance, and reliability of the products have overcome national boundaries, together with the effectiveness and punctuality of customer support and after-sales service.

Over the years, the customized models have been added to the standard series models, which allow VTN to show the care and attention to detail, the search for quality materials and technological solutions that are constantly in line with the times.

VTN’s exceptional products are now available to you through Viking Attachments. Their products will allow you to get any job done safer, smarter, and faster!


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• Viking Equipment catalogs of excavator attachments with detailed descriptions of products available upon request!

You don’t have to keep doing things the same way anymore, there is a better way and we can help you get there with the right tools! We know that our excavator attachments will save you so much in the long run with your time, money, and frustration! Let us show you the better way and change the game for you in your work!