Pallett Fork (Cassilated)

Keen Attachments are leading manufacturers of pallet forks. Available to fit 4 to 50 ton machines.

The pallet forks give your excavator all the material handling capability of a teleporter, without the capital cost - working perfectly with the Keen quick hitch.

We offer two types of fork carriages - cassilated (for 4-20 ton) and Bar type (for 4-50 ton).

Pallet forks offer easier access and maneuverability on site, than with a standard teleporter, moving bulky palletized material quickly and easily.

Our pallet forks benefit from fully adjustable flexible pin arrangements which allows pallet forks to fit a large variety of excavators. The Cassiated forks offer a storage compartment for secondary pins, integrated in the frame of the pallet forks.

Keen pallet forks are fully tested products, ensuring maximum safety on site, available for dedicated carriers or universal forks to suit 5-8 ton, 8-15 ton or 13-20 ton.


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