Rotating Pulverizer Series FP


Series FP

The FP Rotating Pulveriser Series is designed to last long and have a high level of breaking forces to thrust through materials quickly. They are used for demolishing and recycling on job sites where noise pollution and vibrations cannot be tolerated. Its characteristics allow to handle a job site with the primary & secondary demolition phases with a single piece of equipment.

  • 10 sizes available
  • High flow speed valve on board to achieve the faster cycle time (starting from FP 15 upwards)
  • Replaceable bolt on tooth plate system (starting from FP 12 upwards)
  • Interchangeable rebar cutting blades
  • Hydraulics are easily accessible through bolted hatches
  • Large jaw opening and crushing area ensure unmatched productivity
  • Short body, easy to operate
  • Compact-designed 360° rotation
  • Reverse & fully-protected cylinders
  • Wide bearing

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