SMP Tiltrotators - ST4

The SMP Tiltrotator improves the machines capabilities by making it more flexible and effective when doing precision work, which with a conventional excavator arm would be more complicated and take more time. The SMP Tiltrotator is available for excavators and backhoe loaders in the 3-30 ton weight class.

The SMP Tiltrotator is either attached onto the existing quick coupler or directly onto the arm. It is easily maneuverable from the driver cab with the joystick thumb roller or rocker switch. The functionality of the tiltrotator can be compared to that of the human wrist.

A tiltrotator is ideal when performing the kinds of tasks where you would normally need to move the machine to get closer, for example during grading work or digging, where you can easily rotate the bucket to work with a reverse digging angle.

The SMP Tiltrotator has a 360° endless rotation and tilting of up to 40°. To provide the best possible lubrication of the gear and gear ring, the gear housing is grease lubricated. The advantage of having a grease filled gear housing is that it requires less maintenance and avoids oil leaks due to damaged seals. The grease ensures full lubrication even at high torque and in all temperatures.

The SMP Tiltrotator can be combined with an integrated grab module and electric/hydraulic steering system with proportional hydraulic valves. ost types of quick coupler systems and with a direct mounted upper/lower section.

Machines 2-4 tons

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