Valve and Control Systems

The tiltrotator is equipped with different types of control system and valves based on customer needs and model of the tiltrotator.

Control Systems TS-TSXC
The tiltrotator is connected to the excavator’s existing double acting auxiliary hydraulics. The maneuvering is made with the excavators control system, and thumb rollers and rocker switches on the joysticks.

Control System TXXSC - TXXC - Tiltrotator with Grip Module
The tiltrotator is attached to the excavators existing, double-acting hydraulics. Maneuvering is performed via the excavators steering control system with joystick thumb rollers or a rocker switch.
Control System P and PRO

The tiltrotator is connected to the excavator’s single acting auxiliary hydraulics and is operated with the control system provided by SMP. The tilt and rotor functions of the PRO system have proportionally controlled valves to enable exact precision during operation.

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