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Skid-Steer Moley Mag II 12-V

Skid Steer Moley Mag II 12V

The 12V ESB Line of magnets are great for scrap applications where powering a magnet is difficult. The Skid Steer/Moley Mag II (ESB) 12V Magnet is great for yards looking to unload trucks and trailers, and keeping the yard clean. This magnet is the least expensive magnet, while still offering a very strong magnetic field. It offers all the power you would expect from a scrap magnet without the hassle of a generator. 


• FAST, EASY INSTALL – Operates off Skid Steer 12-volt battery.
• No generator to buy or maintain
• Dimensions: 40” x 22″, Weight 1325 lbs
• Low cost to buy and own
• Simpler & more reliable mag control System
• No generator needed – magnet system runs off the 12 volt battery of vehicle
• The magnet comes with the control box, controller & cables
• Most cost effective magnet built – Inexpensive to buy and maintain
• Installation is very simple