Our SMP VikingWrist Tiltrotators improves flexibility and makes the machine more effective. In addition, the time in which you save from not having to change attachments directly results in a huge SAVINGS on the bottom line.

The SMP VikingWrist Tiltrotators has a grease lubricated gear housing, a 360° endless rotation and tilting of up to 40°.

The SMP VikingWrist™ Tiltrotators can be mounted onto the existing quick coupler or directly onto the excavator arm. Easy maneuvering of the tiltrotator with joystick thumb rollers or rocker switch, allows the operator to easily and effectively perform advanced and precision work without having to move the machine. This also makes the work environment safer for both the operator and those working near the machine.

The SMP VikingWrist Tiltrotators can be adapted for most machines in the size range and is available with most types of quick coupler systems and with a direct mounted upper/lower section.

To learn more about how you can save TIME and MONEY by utilizing the SMP VikingWrist Tiltrotator, please contact us today!

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