The most common application for the SR rotating screening bucket is the selection of existing soil into a finer product that can be reused on site for padding and back filling. But let's not stop only at this, with the proper basket choice, the SR can be used to screen demolition waste, soil, foundry slag, quarry waste, gravel, sand, glass, tile, gypsum, grass lumps, etc. . Reducing the volume of material that has to be trucked to and from the site. The minimum sieved size of material that can be achieved is 20 mm ( 0.8 Inch ) with a maximum of 100 mm (4 Inches).

Crusher Bucket, FB Series, is an excavator-mounted bucket attachment that allows for portable and affordable crushing operations on site. It processes material to produce sub base on site, using available materials at a fraction of the price of purchasing or renting a traditional portable jaw crusher. A quick and easy adjustment of the thickness of incoming material allows one to adjust output material size from 13 cm (5,5-inches.) down to 1,5 cm (0.5-inch.).

Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Magnets (ESA)

Our ESA line of Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Scrap Magnets are robust heavy-duty excavator magnets ideally suited for demolition use, or any other application where a quick changing attachment is beneficial.

The generator and pump and controls are mounted on top of the excavator magnet. Installing the magnet is made easy by two quick connections. All that is required for connecting the two hydraulic lines and the lifting chain. The ESA Generators operate on the bucket or auxiliary Hydraulic Lines. The magnet is controlled with the joystick, auxiliary switch, or foot pedal. If installed on a bucket line, the return line must be “free flow return line”.

This hydraulic magnet truly defines flexibility.  With just two hydraulic hoses to connect, you can have this unit up and running in minutes.  The ease of installation allows you to control the magnet with the activation of the hydraulic circuit. The ESA magnet was designed as a scrap and excavator magnet with flexibility in mind.  The hydraulic flow can come from an auxiliary line or bucket circuit.  If this system is installed on a bucket circuit, it must have free flow return to the tank.

Features of ESA Hydraulic Scrap Magnet

• Ease of installation complete with enclosed system
• Hook up hydraulic cables and go
• Allows user to change implements quickly and easily
• No need to have a machine dedicated to only a magnet.
• Various Sizes: 32” — 60”


2 Models for excavators with operating weight from 21 to 50 ton
360° rotation
Fully-protected cylinder
4-times reversible interchangeable blades

Keen Attachments manufacture a range of grapples to suit a wide range of machines. Ideal for rehandling a wide range of materials including general waste and forestry.

Our solid tine attachments are manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit a range of machines with the option of a 4/3 finger on some sizes.

1-2 ton 3/2 Finger
2-3 ton 3/2 Finger
4-5 ton 3/2 Finger
4-5 ton 4/3 Finger
6-8 ton 4/3 Finger
13 ton 4/3 Finger
20 ton 3/2 Finger

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